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PR Aqua Rotofilter Drum Filter Pentair Aquatic EcoSystems

Rotary microscreen drum filters are ideal for the removal of fine suspended solids in With flow rate capacities from 50 to 7,000 gpm 11 to 1590 M3HR and


Drum Filter Design Coolant Filter System FiltraSystems

Projects: Drum Filter Central Coolant Filtration System ic Separation From Coolant From the Micro screen drum filters, 12,500 gpm are sent directly back to the machines for less A full listing of our product line can be seen here.


D Series Drum Filter Cart Y2K Filtration

Allinone convenience is what the DCD Drum filter cart is all about. Aic kickstand adds stability and ensures the drum will not tip over. The drum filter cart has ability to filter oil viscosities up to 600cSt ISO VG 680 at 100°F within ambient Available in 1, 2, 5 and 10 GPM Thanks for the spectacular service!


BARMAGic Filters Barnes International, Inc.

BARMAGic filters use powerful permanents encased in For lower flows Under 300 GPM please see Barnesic Drum Coolant


Immersed Drum Fabric Filters IM Barnes International, Inc.

Barnes immersed drum fabric filters provide simple, efficient and reliable high quality DRAG · HINGE BELT · MAGNETIC · RD FILTER CONVEYORS high quality coolant filtration for honing machines, grinders, milling and broaching machines. in five different sizes tomodate flow rates from 65 to 500 gpm.